Monday, December 15, 2014

We are live!

Now that I have copy and pasted all my previous blogs, I can now blog in real time. When I began blogging(about a week ago), I knew that I wanted to create this for a few reasons

  • A place to vent, record, and remember my experience as an employee
  • To possibly reach other people that are hooters girls, interested in being a hooters girl, blog lovers, and those who just need entertainment
I know I am not the only person to want to this, after all I was inspired by a blog (According to Sauce) that hasn't been updated in almost three years. Her blog is Amazing!!!!!!, but Sauce did move on from being a Hooters girl. I wanted to provide an updated blog into the life of a Hooters Girl as things are constantly changing.

Again, all this is great, but realistically it's already been done. So I began thinking :
  • What can be different about my blog
  • What the hell is my blog name going to be
It randomly dawned on me how I could answer both of these questions....

I am BLACK! 
Yes I am an African American lady working at Hooters!!!!

This fact alone inspired my blog name "Black Hootz"

I think it is already interesting to see a Hooters Girl experience, but I think my ethnicity will give a different aspect than the blogs before me. All the previous blogs I've encountered were created by Caucasian women, and I have the opportunity to speak from a different standpoint. 

I did come across a college thesis from an African American hooters girl, as I am still reading the 110 page thesis and can not express my full opinion yet.

There has always been controversy about black hooters girl ! I came across a few of these tweets last night :

I do not expect a positive or negative point of view but to be as honest as possible. All of my posts will not strictly be on race, but I'm sure I may have some future stories regarding the topic.


Black Hootz

*Ring Ring Ring* 12/12/14

Wednesday afternoon I receive a call from Hooters...

Me: Hello
Manager: Hi this is ,(idk his name lol), a manager here at Hooters, we haven't met yet...
Me: oh ok.... Hi
Manager: yes so did Y actually hire you?

-pause-- (issue: managers not communicating with each other....)

Me: -hesitates- um, yes I spoke with him two days ago and he scheduled me for orientation on Monday
Manager: oh ok I'm making the schedule next week, were you that girl in here the other day?

--pause-- how the hell would I know if your referring to me with such vague description?

Me: yes that was me!
Manager: oh ok see you soon.

----random , random random ------

Friday afternoon I receive ANOTHER call...

It's Y.

He's tell me the GM will not be at work Monday so can I do my orientation Tuesday ....

What the fuck? Like are you sure he's the GM and not the CEO because this man is NEVER AVAILABLE!!! Are you hiring for managers?!?!?

So once again a whole nother day without any damn money.


Hang up Baby one more time! 12/9/14

My only restriction upon being hired:

  • Receiving a 90% or above on the ServSafe test
I fell asleep in the middle of completing the course but once I woke up and finished I scored a 97% yay(although I really wanted 100% and they don't let you go back to see which answer you got wrong just what section it is located in :-( ). 

I finished about 7am and I knew Hooters was no where near open so I decided to call and leave a message for Y in regards to my test results. Well there answering machine isn't set which actually kinda makes sense. So I wait until the restaurant opens at 11 to call I was greeted with :

"*insert some cheesy Hooters lingo here* this is Baby"

Me: Hi this is Black Hootz, may I speak with the manager please
Baby: hold on
*on hold for approximately four minutes*
-phone disconnects-

Uh-oh somehow I got disconnected, let me call back, so I call back...

"*insert some cheesy Hooters lingo here* this is Baby"

Me: Hi this is Black Hootz, may I speak with the manager please
Baby: hold on
*on hold for approximately four minutes*
-phone disconnects-

At this point I'm a LITTLE annoyed but I call again...

"*insert some cheesy Hooters lingo here* this is Baby"

Me: Hi this is Black Hootz, may I speak with the manager please
Baby: hold on
*on hold for approximately four minutes*
-phone disconnects-

Hmm, I just assume that Baby isn't purposefully hanging up on me and just doesn't have the required skills to get on the phone and tell me to call back later because there busy. So I wait until around 2:30 to call which is usually the slow time during the day...

"*insert some cheesy Hooters lingo here* this is Baby"

Me: Hi this is Black Hootz, may I speak with the manager please
Baby: hold on
*on hold for approximately four minutes*
-phone disconnects-

Here we go AGAIN! Ughhhh ok don't be rude, calm down you need this job...

"*insert some cheesy Hooters lingo here* this is Baby"

Me: Hi this is Black Hootz, may I speak with the manager please
Baby: hold on
*on hold for approximately four minutes*
-phone disconnects-

Wow this bitch has balls or they need a new phone but don't worry I call again...with a different tactic. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results so I decided to slightly change my punch line.

"*insert some cheesy Hooters lingo here* this is Baby"
Me: Hi this is Black Hootz,  I've called in several times today is there a manager available
Baby: hold on
*on hold for approximately four minutes*
-phone disconnects-

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me !!! I've called 6 times if I don't get someone on this phone I'm going up there for a manager and I may even SLAP the shit out of baby! But I call again ...

"*insert some cheesy Hooters lingo here* this is Baby"
Me: Hi this is Black Hootz, I've called several times, the phone keeps being disconnected , is there a manager available, should I call at a different time? (I was trying to get a response from baby and her terrible ass phone skills, but the only response I got from her was.....)
Baby: hold on
*on hold for approximately three minutes*(during this time I decide to get my shoes, purse and car keys ready to make this unnecessary trip to Hooters)

And After the 7th call....SUCCESS! 
Y answers the phone.
Y: hi this is Y
Me: hi Y this is Black Hootz I've passed my test and I'd like to be scheduled for orientation please.
Y: ok sure lets get you scheduled in on thursd--- oh wait that won't work our GM is out until Monday does Monday work 
Me:(pissed really) yes that works perfect
Y: ok see you Monday at two.

So I am once again disappointed with the way things are being handled and it makes me start to question if I really wanna work here, but then I look at my nightstand which has all of my mounting unpaid bills and realize I don't really have many options. Once again I have to wait to start making money, and it's holiday season.


Maniac Monday 12/8/14

I have been waiting for this day all night! My audition day ! I was so excited...
I went to my sister at her shop for yet another makeup appointment.

I arrived at Hooters about 30 minutes early so I sat in my car for fifteen minutes then proceeded to exit my car, pay for my 2 hr parking and walk the one block to Hooters, and walk in at 2:45.

I was given an audition "Things to Remember" paper to advise you of the following

  •  Style your hair and apply make-up for a glamorous appearance
  • Wear light or nude colored undergarments that will not show through the white Hooters tank top
  • Bring a pair of athletic/running shoes,white socks , and tan colored pantyhose

Upon arrival  one of the Hooters girls greeted me, I told her I was there for an audition with Y, she suggested that I sit in the back booth area of the store to wait for his arrival. 

Y arrives greets me and says that a Hooters girl, I shall call her Baby, was going to take my measurements and have me try on a uniform. Baby hand motions me and Y to come where she is, and. She takes me to the employee room. Me and Baby talk, I could tell by her wearing a black uniform on a Monday and the Hooters phone in her back pocket that she must've been someone of importance at this Hooters location, she went on to tell me that she had been a Hooters girl for 8 years(wow, that is dedication).

Baby takes my measurements...,
Me: I really hope I get this job I need it
Baby: Oh your really pretty so you definitely will.
-pause- so that's it?, I'm really pretty 

Me:thank you
Baby: ok let me measure your bottom first, sorry I know this is awkward.
Me: it's ok!
Baby: let's give you an xxs you've got a BOOTY back there!
-pause- hmmm that didn't sound to delightful
*Baby measures my shirt size*
Baby: you are so tiny!
Me: glad to know I'm not fat
Baby: so what size are your boobs?

-pause- ooh, that's what she meant by tiny.
Me: I believe an A possibly an AA
Baby: *passes me an xxxs top*, go to the bathroom and change. Do you have tights?
Me: no
Baby:*passes tights* after you put on your uniform have a seat back at the booth and Y with be back with you
Me: wow thanks! 

Y arrives at the booth with a menu and tells me we are going to do a mock audition where I serve him so I need to memorize an appetizer and an alcoholic beverage to suggestive sell to him as a customer.

He told me he would give me time to look over the menu.

He comes back about three minutes later and says that he has to go into a meeting and he would be back momentarily.

15 minutes turned to 30, 30 minutes turned to an hour. I've memorized more than half the menu, I'm slurping for dear life in my water because I am thirsty. The whole time I sat there two black girls passed by my booth several times not once acknowledging me. After about an hour of me sitting there with my cup at the edge of the table one of them says:

"Oh did you want some more ?"

So how long have you been a server?!?

Me: yes please

The girl brings me back a warm water, with no ice in it. Who taught her? Or maybe she wasn't interested in showing me any hospitality.

After 1.5 hours of waiting Y finally comes out from wherever he was and mouths to me : "I'm sorry"

I give the faint and most phony smile ever imagined. 
Finally two Caucasian girls come back and talk to me one mentions she waited over two hours for her audition, she's only been there three months, the other girl had been there for a year. I asked how they liked working there, they both paused and said they didn't like Monday day shifts because they were really slow and that they were trying to get cut to go home since no one was there. I was glad they were talking to me, it kind of shocked me that the two black girls did not stop and talk to me, nor did they reciprocate a smile as I gave to them.(whatever)

Y comes back and ask if I am hungry I can choose an item off the menu, his treat!
(FYI - I am visually skinny, but I do believe a 300 pound man lives inside of my stomach)
I'm happy free food. I place my order wait for it to come out.

It smells so delicious, it's so fresh! I am about to take a bite into my first curly fry and I hear Y yell to me:

"ya ready?"

I wanted to say no I want to eat , but why would I do such a thing and I need him to be my future manager !

Me: yes! *runs over toward the table Y is seated at*

We do the mock sever audition, Y said I did an excellent job! He asked me one thing I felt I needed to work on and I responded.

Y: So, you have quite a few tattoos there
Me: *gulps* Yes
Y: Our policy here is.....(basically no visible tattoos during the shift!), can you abide to this?
Me: Yes, I am familiar with the product dermablend tattoo make up and I have no problem using that during my shifts.
Y runs to the back of the store, gets a few sheets of paper.
Y: can you hula hoop
Me: noooooot really but I'll try!
I fail terribly at three attempts of hula hooping but my efforts seemed much appreciated! Lol. (Wheres the nearest 8 year old girl to teach me this?!)
Y takes a few pictures of me in the uniform and says: Don't worry these aren't for personal use,there for your file. Are you ready to be a Hooters girl?
Me: Yessss
Y tells me I am hired contingent upon receiving a 90% or better on the ServSafe test online, which by the way is $20. I am also given information about my first few days at work, I also have to sign a tattoo agreement. I ask Y if he could bag my food to-go which he does and then I leave.

I am so happy. I got a job and free dinner.
It's 5:15 over two hours of Hooters but I'm finally ready to hop in my car and go-----

Where is my car?!?!?!?!?

My meter expired my car has been towed !(This is a whole separate blog post within itself)
Let's just say I didn't get home until nearly 8pm.

Oh how lovely.

I attempt to take my ServSafe course after I relax for an hour, however I fell asleep in the middle of the lect---------



Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reschedule Meeeeee 12/7/14

On Sunday afternoon, I decide to call Hooters around 3:30pm and asked to speak to a manager. I was put on hold and A came to the phone. I asked when I would be able to come in for my audition. A put me on hold to contact J about my audition. A comes back to the line and says that I could come back in tomorrow (12/8/14 Monday ) for an audition with Y at 3pm.

I was happy I was one step closer!

A reminded me to dress nice, as well as hair and makeup.

I called and scheduled another appointment with my sister to apply my make up!!!


Freaky Friday 12/5/14

Friday I determine what to wear to my audition, something simple but not to revealing to show the millions of tattoos I have on my body that I know they will not approve of.  It is raining and drastically colder than the previous day so I wear a long sleeve shirt with some trendy printed jeggings with matching boots . Like the previous day, I went to my sisters shop to get my make up done and headed to Hooters for my audition.

As soon as I walked in the Hooters girl, K, was at the door and smiled and greeted me excited to see me back assuming that I had made it to the next phase. I told her I was there to see the General Manager, J, and she went to fetch him, K told me to have a seat in the back of the restaurant and wait for him to come out. I tried to remain calm but not to nonchalant. Another Hooters girl, I'll call her winter, came and sat down and without greeting me immediately asked if I was there for orientation. I replied no but that I was there for an audition. Winter reassured me that I probably had the job especially since "everyone" was leaving(hmm a bit scary to think about, however other peoples situation are not really my concern). She further mentions that her last day was exactly in a week. I inquired why she was leaving since we were having a conversation , she replied that she was moving back to her hometown as the tuition of the current school she was attending was to expensive(so you didn't know how much your tuition was before you moved hundreds of miles away? Oh ok). Moving right along, Winter asked me who I was there to see, I told her J, and then she hesitated; I inquired about her response and she mentioned that J had JUST canceled on a guy who had an interview RIGHT before I walked in(shit). This did alter my confidence.

So I waited on J for a while, and a man came and greeted mr, I stood up shook his hand and said Hi J, nice to meet you!


The guy politely informed me that  he was not J, then he said he had some bad news...

(So I am really bad with not showing my emotions on my face so I did slightly frown)
Long story short his name was A, and J was not going to be able to see me because they were running  behind and it probably wouldn't be until Tuesday until they would give me a call back. I was fucking furious. Oh and then he offers me a beverage ! Oh how nice. May I get a complimentary SHOT of tequila? Then he states that he wishes he could hire me but he does not have the last say so, basically a bunch of fucking bullshit. I originally declined the drink because I was so pissed but I then realize the least he could do was serve me some of their lemonade.

I was mad.

I wasted time getting up, wasted gas, wasted money(that I don't have) , made my sister do my make up just to be told that I have to come back and they will call me Tuesday?
Hell No.
What happened to the promise Y gave me of starting on Monday, honestly If I wasn't so broke and desperate I probably wouldn't care that much, but I am. Although he said they would call me Tuesday I am calling them on Sunday afternoon at 2, and if I don't get a response I want I will call again on Monday. I need this job like yesterday.

I know you're wondering (if anyone ever even reads this lol) "well how can you make a hooters girl blog and haven't even been guaranteed the job yet.".

Well my friends, I am confident in myself and after all of this I believe I deserve it. So therefore I have started this blog with the assumption that I will be hired


Interview Day - 12/4/14

I woke up and ate a nice breakfast and prepared an interview outfit.

Although it is December it was a fairly warm day and I was able to wear a black and gold dress that was about an inch above my knee with my black leather Jeffrey Campbell pumps.

I went to my sister's shop about an hour and a half before my interview so that she could apply makeup to my face something natural looking and enhancing my features.

I found the most convenient parking space and arrived on time for my interview.

 I walked in with a great big smile on my face, one of the girls greeted me, and I told her I was there for an interview with Y. She politely responded and went to notify Y that I had arrived. While she did that another Hooters Girl came to the front of the store and began talking to me.

It was really refreshing to have a pleasant conversation with a Hooters girl as my previous experiences. Shortly after talking with Hooters Girl, I will name her K; Y shortly arrived and greeted me. I stood up and shook his hand and he escorted me toward the back of the store in a booth section.

 I was so nervous, anxious and ready all at the same time. Here are some brief highlights of my interview:

  • He asked why I wanted to be a Hooters girl
  • Review my past work experience
  • Asked what my goals/passion are
  • Gave me a brief layout about the company and the benefits of being an HG
  • How would I follow all rules for alcohol 
  • How would I check to see if a customer is intoxicated
  • Why should I be hired
  • What is my schedule like
  • What were my interests
  • Did I have any questions 
  • How did I feel about the uniform 
Honestly the conversation didn't feel like an interview it seemed like a natural conversation for a meet and greet which made me feel comfortable.

I could tell I had won him over enough to pass me on to the next phase. He invited me to come back the following day (which was a Friday) for audition with the General Manager, J. I was so excited but tried to remain calm yet greatly appreciative. He mentioned to they normally do not review any hiring information on Fridays, but he would make an exception for me. He told me to hold tight so that he could get me some more information, we said goodbye and I left super excited.

 I got out of the door and had the biggest smile on my face. I know that many might now see that as much of an accomplishment but I was confident that I was one step closer to being a hooters girl/bar girl. I called my sister to set up another make up appointment before my audition and then headed home. I was so excited.

Y said that I could start orientation on Monday as long as J approved me!  Talk about excited